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Karma - Karmic Justice

These days the word Karma is tossed around casually, but the principles of karmic balance provide deep lessons to learn and wonderful gifts to use.

Karmic Consequences
Learn how to initiate good karma and avoid creating future karmic backlashes.

How Soul Contracts and Karmic Bonds Differ
In general, karmic bonds tend to be more rigid in nature than soul contracts.

Karmic Justice and Karmic Rewards
Your Soul's Check And Balance Accounting System - Keep your hands, heart, and mind open to receive. Believe that you are deserving of karmic rewards! I AM deserving, and You ARE too.

Pay it Forward
Do you understand the concept of paying it forward? It is about having an idea and putting it into action to help create planetary change, change for the better.

Kismet or Karma?
Are kismet and karma the same thing? Or are there subtle nuances to their meanings?

Good Karma
Balancing the good with the not so good.

Is Your Past-Life Karma Spoiling Your Love Life?
Why do good people have bad love luck?

Buddhism and Karma
Understanding karma as viewed by followers of the Buddhist religion.

The Law of Cause and Effect
There are three kinds of karma in Hinduism religion.

Thanissaro Bhikkhu explains that the Western understanding of karma carries a fatalistic thread which wasn't there in the beginning.

Reincarnation, Karma And Past Lives
Benjamin Creme takes the time to help us understand how these three concepts are intricately interrelated.

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?
Ever wonder why bad things come your way?

Karmic Consequences
Here's my take on karma and why our actions and partner choices bring about consequences we must live with.

You Can Graduate from Karma Class
Maybe it is time to break-free of a bad-karmic cycle.

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