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Writing to Heal

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Writing to Heal

Writing to Heal

The Bottom Line

Pennebaker's journal workbook is very basic. It is a great starter for anyone who has considered journaling but is stumped on how to begin expressing himself.
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  • Hard Cover
  • Easy to Read and Understand Exercises
  • Exercises Provoke Thought and Emotion



  • Sub Title: A Guided Journal for Recovering from Trauma and Emotional Upheaval
  • Author: James W. Pennenbaker, PH.D.
  • Publisher: New Harbinger
  • ISBN: 1572243651

Guide Review - Writing to Heal

Beginning to write on blank notebook pages can be a bit overwhelming for individuals who are not accustomed to getting in touch with their feelings through pen and paper. Pennebaker offers guidance in very basic language to help get a person to start scribbling down whatever comes to mind. You write inside the book itself! The various exercises he offers help writers look at life experiences through different perspectives. They can even experiment with automatic writing. I can easily see how this workbook could be used in writing workshops where participants would discuss each of the different writing exercises after they have completed them. I've always found that writing is a safe way to vent feelings and can help move me past emotional hurts. This helpful guided journal will help many find that safe haven where they can more easily break through mental blocks and release painful emotions. This book is Write ON!
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