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Gratitude Journal


Gratitude Journal

Healing Lesson of the Day

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It is easy to focus on the "bad stuff" or get caught up in complaining or whining when things go awry. Starting up a gratitude journal is one way to begin focusing on positives and stop the bad habit of negative thinking. Begin by choosing a time you can devote to "being grateful" each day, a time when you can jot down something that makes you happy or joyful. First thing in the morning or at bedtime works for most people. But if you routinely ride the subway or bus to work journaling might be a good way for you to spend your commute. If you find it difficult to write an "essay style" gratitude journal, that's okay. Creating a list of five or ten things you are grateful for each day will fill out the pages nicely. What are you grateful for?

Example of a Daily Gratitude List

  1. Sunshine.
  2. Smile from the girl at the bank.
  3. My cat purring.
  4. My boss taking today day off!
  5. Phone call from my sister.
  6. Funny movie.
  7. Leftovers!
  8. Time to reflect on positives in my life.
  9. No bills in the mail today.
  10. My Facebook friends.
Therapeutic Benefits of Keeping a Journal

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