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Psychic VS Intuitive


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Why do so many holistic healers refer to themselves as being intuitive rather than calling themselves psychic?

Although there is nothing wrong with being referred to as a psychic, the term itself has gotten a bit of a bad rap. I personally prefer not to be associated with the label psychic. I think the change in labeling could be to create a distinction between those of us who are interested in helping others with our intuitive tools from the stigma attached from the scamming fortune tellers who call themselves psychic. Because we are all psychic on some level this ability need not be looked at as if it is a gift or talent. It is a muscle that can be flexed or lay dormant. Not everyone uses their intuitive natures professionally to help others. Many of us who do are more comfortable being referred to as intuitive counselors/healers.

What's the difference?

Someone who seeks a psychic may ask: "When will I meet my soul mate?"

A person consulting an intuitive counselor asks: "What can I do differently in my life to help attract a loving partner?"

Intuitive Healing Specialties:

Learn About Psychics and Their Special Talents

From the Healing Forum: "I am a clairvoyant / sensitive. But I am interested now in hands on healing. I feel I have a calling for this as well. Can anyone tell me how they got into hands on healing. Is it possible to be able to just know and be able to heal without any form of training and such?" - join the discussion

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