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Primary Types of Human Extrasensory Perceptions


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Each of us have individual human traits that distinguishes us from one another. Are you a blonde or a brunette? Are you brown-eyed or green-eyed? Tall or short? Skinny or fat?

Aside from outward appearances our character traits differ as well. Perhaps you tend to be lazy. Or instead, maybe your character is career oriented or naturally motivated. Are you famous? Poor? Rich? Do you tend to be optimistic over pessimistic?

Another component in the recipe that makes up our personalities that might not be as obvious (because they are non-tangibles) are our "extrasensory perceptions." We all have unique intuitive natures. We pick up on subtle energies in very different ways.

There are four primary types of human extrasensory perceptions. Many people use a combination of these. But it is not uncommon to have one type more developed than the rest.

Primary Types of ESP

  • clairvoyance (seeing or sight)
  • clairaudience (hearing)
  • clairsentience(feeling or sensory experience)
  • knowing (unwavering awareness)

Secondary Types of ESP

  • Clairalience (smell)
  • Clairgustance (taste)
What is your most developed extrasensory perception?

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