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How To Be Sensitive to Other People's Scent Sensitivities


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There are people who are sensitive to scents, and will become quite sickened, when they come into contact with your perfumes and fragrances. Please be considerate to anyone you know who is sensitive to certain smells when you are planning to spend time with them or are going to be in close proximity of them. Do not wear any colognes, musks, scented body lotions, hair products, etc. that are bothersome to them during these occasions.

Smells Invade Personal Air Space

Also, if you are going to be in any public places where you will be around people who you do not know please consider the possibility that such chemical scents emitting from your body may offend someone's sensitivities. Certain scents can bring about allergic reactions, asthma attacks, trigger migraines and headaches, or nausea in people who have multiple chemical sensitivity. The inhalation of some chemical fumes from scented products, including air fresheners, can be just as problematic for some people as secondhand smoke, if not more harmful.

Places to Avoid Wearing Colognes and Perfumes

  • Public Transportation: buses, subways, airplanes
  • Shared Commutes: Taxis, carpools, etc.
  • Shopping: Supermarkets, indoor malls, restaurants and taverns.
  • Entertainment Venues: Movie theaters, concerts, art shows, sports arenas.
  • Waiting Rooms: Hospitals, doctor's offices, DMV, courtrooms, etc.
  • Tourist Spots: Museums, visitor centers, etc.
  • Workplace: Convention halls, confined office and work spaces, etc.
  • In the Classroom: Schools, meeting places, any class participation where you will be in close proximity to others (crochet class, photography class, meditation class, book clubs, etc.).
  • At the Gym: Indoor tracks, on the court, in the weight room, exercise classes, and so on.

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