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Former ASK Columnist: Anandra George

Life Coach for Soul Evolution


Anandra George is a “Life Coach for Soul Evolution” who empowers clients all over the globe to affect profound and lasting transformation. Phone sessions are welcomed; as are in-person healing retreats on the beautiful island of Kauai.

She has 10 years of experience teaching higher consciousness and facilitating inspired self-improvement. With practical insight, humor, and compassion, she helps you gracefully transform challenging patterns and cultivate your inner mastery so you can live your most awesome, fulfilling life.

Anandra says, “Though I call my work “Life Coaching” because it’s intensely practical, the exchange between us is inevitably deeply spiritual, hence the addition of “for Soul Evolution,” as we explore with grace and compassion the core tendencies that determine how you express yourself in this life. As they reveal themselves, amazing transformation happens gracefully as you practice looking at yourself from a higher perspective. I could explain more, but suffice it to say that there is no technique, and no agenda; simply the revelation of your own inner teacher coming into its mastery.”

Ask A Life Coach Columnist:

Anandra  previously served the healing community here at About.com as the Ask A Life Coach columnist.. She answered readers' questions regarding life issues (family, relationship, career, prosperity, spiritual, and personal issues).

Anandra George was also among the top five nominees chosen for the Favorite Life Coach Award in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards.

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Achievements / Awards:


  • Over 10 years of private practice with clients from all over the globe.
  • Former Program Director, Curriculum Co-Developer, and Instructor for an adult school for meditation, higher consciousness, and the healing arts.
  • Intensive multi-faith spiritual development with leaders from the Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, New Age, Native American, Jewish and Muslim communities.
  • Ordained as an Interfaith Minister.
  • Certified Teacher of Mantra
  • Registered Yoga Teacher


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