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Aligning with Your Higher Self

How to Connect with Your Higher Self through the Wisdom of Your Body


Many people in the world today are running blindly, haphazardly seeking their elusive higher Self and purpose with frustration levels that border on insanity. They feel so disconnected from life, people, and their callings that they change directions over and over without thought or without pondering possible repercussions. They are fearful and anxious about life without knowing why, and this disconnection is a root cause of the present rampant pandemic of stress-related disorders. With this in mind, the intent of this article is to provide a method to help you align with your higher Self through the wisdom of your body, and to recognize this connection when you achieve it. Once you align in this way, you are forever empowered. Your purpose becomes clear, you are on track, and your life begins to embrace a flow of grace and ease.

It is important to clarify at the onset that very few people know what it feels like to align with their higher Self. The idea of such personal clarity has plagued humankind from its patriarchal beginnings, though some obscured cultures have managed to retain some of their spiritual connectedness. The fact that you are among billions sharing the same spiritual conundrum should become a source of consolation as you bravely pursue that which few have obtained but which is possible.

Your higher Self wants you to be happy and to feel connected all the time, though it may not always seem like it. You have been conditioned to believe that suffering and hardship are normal and necessary on the Earth plane, but this is not Truth. You have also been conditioned to turn inconsequential events into fierce dramas to fill your days, weeks, months, and years. Believing that hardship and drama are necessary makes it so, and know that there are good reasons for your conditioning.

Your higher Self enjoys every experience that you have, but it also understands your earthly preferences and behavioral patterns that require more attention at the lower-frequency levels. Additionally, it is intimately aware of the lessons you incarnated to learn here and gently pushes you toward those goals. It holds all your secrets and strengths steadfastly, waiting for your claim, but it is in no hurry. It is always aware of your eternal and multidimensional nature, though you may not be aware of it.

Key to Aligning with Your Higher Self

The key to aligning with your higher Self is very simple but rarely stated, mainly because such awareness is not encouraged widely at present. You align with your higher Self by intimately getting to know how your body feels when you are in alignment. Then, when you know that feeling, you work toward maintaining it by controlling the direction of your thoughts. All positive or negative bodily feelings are rooted in your thoughts, and these are either in alignment with your higher Self or not. When your body feels as good as it can be, your thoughts are in alignment with your higher Self; when your body feels “off” in any way, your thoughts are misaligned. That said, it is time to master the alignment key to move forward in your life.

You have felt levels of joy, harmony, happiness, passion, peace, and exuberance in your life—no matter how fleeting—and it is at these times that you have been fully aligned with your higher Self. The difficulty is that people rarely think in terms of alignment when things are going their way. They are too busy enjoying life, which is, after all, the purpose of living. Usually people think in terms of alignment when they need it most, when it is most elusive.

Alignment with the higher Self feels different for each individual, but the result is the same. You know you are in alignment when your heart feels open and your body feels as good as it gets. Sometimes you may not feel your body at all, feeling light as air or like a gently floating balloon. There may be a sense of well-being and connectedness in your body plus a spark of creation. Or you may feel sudden passion or happiness with a gentle tingle up your spine. No feeling is wrong. The bottom line is that you are on top of the world when you are in alignment with your higher Self, and your body mirrors this. Everything feels on course and you feel on purpose.

Because conditioning along ancestral, cultural, familial, and systemic lines is often difficult to assess and transcend on a strictly mental level, your best, truest gift becomes how your body feels at any given time. Your body is the most sensitive instrument at your disposal for determining whether you are in alignment with your higher Self, and it will serve you in amazing ways to get to know it.

Identifying Comforts and Discomforts

To learn to align, you first identify the comfort or discomfort level in the most sensitive part(s) of your body. Many people discern best in the stomach and other parts of the digestive tract; digestive problems are overwhelmingly caused by a mis-alignment with higher Self. Others feel a heaviness, constriction, or pain at their heart when out of alignment. Still others experience tenseness in bodily areas like their shoulders or back. Some get headaches. What it ultimately comes down to is that your greatest bodily challenges are actually your greatest spiritual teachers.

Once you sense discomfort in your body, you align with your higher Self through some form of relaxed meditation or time out. You need to take some quiet time to learn what your higher Self is trying to teach you through your body. During times of discomfort, lay back, relax, and surrender deeply so you can learn and grow. Bravely ask your higher Self what your body is trying to teach you and sense the answer. You may see, feel, hear, taste, or smell the answer, depending on your sensing proclivities. Your intuition may come forth boldly and you will suddenly just know. The answer may come right away or it may come later when you least expect it. It is imperative that you know that all questions are answered when you are ready, and no question put forth with honesty and benevolent intent is ignored.
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