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Gardening With Herbs

Plant a medicinal garden or a culinary garden with tasty mints, rosemary, and thyme.

Tipi Herb Garden
Tipi style herb garden the kids will love to grow and play in.

About Herb Gardens
Be sure to check out Amy Jeanroy's site here at About.com. She covers herb gardens, culinary herbs, and herbal recipes, and more

Video - How to Plant an Herb Garden
Want to wow your house guests with the freshest homegrown treats in your salads or sauces? This video demonstrates how to plant an herb garden, so you can have fresh, homegrown, herbs to use in your cooking.

How to Dry Fresh Herbs Recipe
Learn how to air-dry fresh herbs from your garden or herbs from the market with these easy instructions.

Growing Your Own Medicine Chest
CNN hosted article in choosing which plants to use, harvest, drying, and storages tips.

Richter Herb Specialists
Web market for your herb plants.

Garden Of Delights
A special garden is being enjoyed by residents at a nursing home which stimulates all five senses, includes scented herbal flowers, wind chimes, and water.

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