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How to Give Your Hair Henna Highlights


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Before and After Photos

Before and After Henna Hair Color Treatment

(c)Joe Desy
These before and after photos show the results of a henna treatment with yogurt, cinnamon, and lemon juice. The henna did not make a drastic change. But, it did bring in some reddish highlights and extra body. Henna coats each strand of hair which makes your head of hair look and feel thicker. What you cannot see in the photos is the "smell" from this natural hair treatment. No chemical smell! Instead, the odor is very similar to freshly cut wet grass or the smell of hay stored in the barn. No worries, the odor won't stick around after a couple of shampoos. However, henna is a semi-permanent dye and will wash out eventually. So, the fewer shampoos, the longer your hair color will last you.
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