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Aromatherapy VS Flower Essence Therapy

Clearing the Confusion About Flower Essences


Flower Essences

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A common misconception is that flower essence therapy is a form of aromatherapy. Flower essences and aromatherapy are NOT the same thing.

Aromatherapy utilizes plant aromatics, it is the smell or scent that is used as a form of aroma-therapy. Applications of aromatherapy include diluted essential oils applied to the skin. Products with essential oils in are scented candles, massage oils and lotions, soaps, bath oil. Healing essential oils can also be dispensed into the air through room diffusers.

Flower essence remedies have virtually no scent. Flower essences are a liquid remedy made through a simple process of solarizing freshly picked blossoms in distilled water. Afterwards the flower petals are removed from the treated water. These can be returned to the earth (buried or composted) or tossed into a natural stream (creek or river). The essence-infused liquid is further processed and bottled as a stock remedy. Bottled essences are then dispensed through tincture eye droppers or mist sprayers. Flower essences can be ingested into the mouth under the tongue from the source bottles or dosage bottles.

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