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Herbal Poison Ivy Rash Treatment


Jewelweed Plant

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Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis), also commonly known as Spotted Touch-Me-Nots can be used as an herbal treatment for poison ivy, poison oak, and other topical skin rashes. It is the juices from this plant's leaves, flowers and stems that should be directly applied to skin that has been exposed to poison ivy or poison oak to prevent rash outbreak. Jewelweed can also be put into healing salves, herbal tinctures, soap bars, and ice cubes for skin applications.

How to Make Jewelweed Ice Cubes

Chop the stems and leaves from one or two Jewelweed plants and place in boiling pot. Cover the plant material with approximately five cups of waters. Bring pot to a boil and allow to continue boiling for five to ten minutes. Strain the plant material from the liquid. The liquid should appear orange in color. Allow to cool. Pour orange liquid into ice cube trays for freezing. When solid, pop out the cubes and store inside a freezer bag or container that is labeled "Jewelweed" along with the date of preparation. Jewelweed ice cubes will retrain their potency in your freezer for up to twelve months. For application rub ice cube topically as needed to treat skin rashes and itching.

Alternatively, forget the boiling process, you can simply freeze ice-cube sized portions of blended plant materials (flowers, stems, and leaves) for later use.

Note: Amy Jeanroy, About Guide to Herb Gardens, points out in her overview of Jewelweed Herb, that it loses its effectiveness when dried.

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