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Gallery of Healing Tattoos


People will often choose a tattoo to commemorate an event, memorialize a loved one, celebrate overcoming a challenge, as recognition of an important goal met. Tattoos in recent years have become much more mainstream, artistic ink doesn't just adorn the bodies of the incarcerated, sailors, and punk rockers. In this gallery of tattoos, readers share photos of their tattoos and why they represent healing for them.

Do you have a tattoo adorning your body that represents healing or symbolizes a personal path you've taken which has healed you emotionally, spiritually, or otherwise? Upload a photo of your tattoo.

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Love is the KeyPeace Dove TattooPeace DoveSpiritual Eye TattooSpiritual EyefeathersFeathers Native American Style
God Rising from LotusGod Rising from LotusOm Butterfly TattooOm Butterfly TattooOm Symbol TattooOm Tattoopentacle tattooPentacle Tattoo with Rune Symbols
Shantipat TattooTriquetra Tattoo
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