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Wanted: Original Tarot Card Art

Inviting Submissions from Artists


Artist sketching

Artist sketching

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I'm planning on creating a Tarot Card Gallery with Tarot cards depicted from different artists. Artists are welcome to use whatever medium (watercolor, charcoal, pastels, collages, oils, acrylic, etc.) they prefer in creating a card of their choice from the list of 22 major arcana. Each art-card submission will be featured immediately upon approval in a "Show and Tell" format. I will include a link back to the artists' Web sites, blogs, or some other Internet presence, as a "thank you link exchange" for participating in my gallery project. All art-card submissions must be original works. I will create the Tarot art galley after I have received enough submissions to have at least one card of each of the 22 cards represented. If two or more of a single card are represented (i.e. 3 tower cards) I will arbitrarily choose 1 from the 3 towers to be featured in the Major Arcana Card Gallery. Check out my Inner Artist Art Gallery as an example of what the Tarot Art Gallery will look like when this project is complete. Also, Helen South, About.com Guide to Drawing and Sketching offers artists advice for creating Tarot card art.

Note: Having your artwork displayed in the Show and Tell format will showcase your work beautifully, and if it is chosen for the gallery you'll get double the exposure. There is no limit how many cards one artist can submit, but only one card per artist will be chosen to be featured in the 22 Card Gallery.

Twenty-Two Major Arcana Tarot Cards

  • 0 The Fool
  • I The Magician
  • II The High Priestess
  • III The Empress
  • IV The Emperor
  • V The Hierophant
  • VI The Lovers
  • VII The Chariot
  • VIII Strength
  • IX The Hermit
  • X Will of Fortune
  • XI Justice
  • XII The Hanged Man
  • XIII Death
  • XIV Temperance
  • XV The Devil
  • XVI The Tower
  • XVII The Star
  • XVIII The Moon
  • XIX The Sun
  • XX Judgement
  • XXI The World
Submit Your Tarot Card Art
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