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Crystal Oversoul Attunements


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Crystal Oversoul Attunements
Crystal Oversoul Attunements

Crystal Grids | Amethyst | Celestite | Hematite | Petrified Wood | Rose Quartz | Chrysocolla

Crystal Oversoul Attunements, 44 Healing Cards and Book - Compare Prices
The Crystal Oversoul Attunments is an intuitive deck of 44 beautiful cards for meditation or inner reflection. Each card depicts a mandala created from refractive images of healing crystals. The accompanying book gives information about each crystal, its purpose, chakra alignment, and associated element.


The introduction in the book gives information about Crystal Oversoul Consciousness and explains how to use the cards (either by themselves or in-conjunction with your crystals) for self exploration. These lovely sacred geometry images can be used as portals for journey work or to awaken your senses to higher aspects of knowing. Michael Eastwood, the creator this deck, briefly discusses the chakra system, specifically the eighth, ninth, and earth star chakras. Eighth and ninth chakras reside above the crown chakra, the earth star chakra is located below the soles of the feet. He calls these three chakras the new chakras that are now in the process of awakening. Eastwood's Crystal Oversoul Attunement cards were designed to help humans awaken both as individuals as well as collectively.

I have chosen six cards (rose quartz, hematite, chrysocolla, amethyst, petrified wood, and celestite) from the selection of forty-four cards for review in this pictorial to help illustrate how these cards can be used... begin the pictorial

Opening Up Emotionally

The chrysocolla mandala caught my eye so I selected it (or rather, it selected me) to use for a personal crystal oversoul attunement. You can read the details of my meditation session here.

List of 44 Crystal Mandala Healing Cards

  1. Ajoite
  2. Pink Tourmaline
  3. Malachite
  4. Lapis Lazuli
  5. Aquamarine
  6. Danburite
  7. Hematite
  8. Lemurian Seed
  9. Sapphire
  10. Amethyst
  11. Vivanite
  12. Morganite
  13. Petrified Wood
  14. Rhodochrosite
  15. Charoite
  16. Green Tourmaline
  17. Papagoite
  18. Dioptase
  19. Angel Aura
  20. Kunzite
  21. Rose Quartz
  22. Fairy Quartz
  23. Moldavite
  24. Aqua Aura
  25. Amber
  26. Chrysocolla
  27. Celestite
  28. Anhydrite
  29. Moonstone
  30. Emerald
  31. Hemimorphite
  32. Sugilite
  33. Carnelian
  34. Azurite
  35. Herkimer Diamond
  36. Garnet
  37. Tanzanite
  38. Petalite
  39. Ruby
  40. Smokey Quartz
  41. Citrine
  42. Blue Tourmaline
  43. Seraphinite
  44. Peridot
Review deck of Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards was supplied by Findhorn Press publicist.

photo © Joe Desy

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