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Spiritual and Healing Properties of Sapphires


Dark Blue Sapphires:

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Dark Blue Sapphires

Dark blue sapphire will allow one to use their full creative potential. it is like a mother stone because it tends to your needs as your creative juices flow so that you do not become scattered about but remain grounded. It is also good for helping solve problems, sexual relationships because it tends to make deep bonding between people and creates loyalty.

Light Blue Sapphires:

Light blue sapphire is the inspiration stone. It helps to bring in new thoughts or ways of thinking. it is also an excitement stone as it helps to bring the feeling of life being exciting and full.

Green Sapphires:

Green sapphire brings a lucky sense to ones life for it allows things to run smoothly and rightly. lilac sapphire allows your creativity to flow freely however intensely. This would be used by someone who already uses their creative potential but may be feeling a bit blocked.

Orange Sapphires:

Orange sapphire works on a totally different level for it does not allow you to deceive yourself at any level. It makes you look at things in their basic and pure form without distorting it to conform to what you want it to be. It helps you learn true knowledge. this is a good stone for students, teachers, writers and researchers.

Pink Sapphires:

Pink sapphire allows one to surrender to another for the good of the all. it allows us to not need to be the one in control of what is happening but to allow another to take charge and trust that they will get the job done better than we can.

White Sapphires:

White sapphire is a personal stone for it helps you to take care of yourself and to tend to your personal needs. it helps you to be nice to yourself and assist you in protecting yourself from needless sufferings.

Yellow Sapphires:

Yellow sapphire connects you to the total you with all of your inner knowledge. at the same time it helps you to see what you do not know so you can find the answers instead of believing that you already know the answer. it also helps you to learn and retain what you have learned as you seek the answers.

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