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Healing with Crystals: Lepidolite




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Spiritual and Healing Properties of Lepidolite

Lepidolite is a form of mica that comes in purple, pink, yellow, grey, and white. It's original name was lilalite. Lepidolite has been called a "stone of transition" because it helps a person who is going through life changes. It will assist you in evaluating and reorganizing old patterns and developing new pathways. Lepidolite can also be used when the soul is ready to transition from the earthly body to the light. Energy medicine practitioners can employ lepidolite as a tool to locate energy blockages in the body. Lepidolite assists spiritual communications with guides and angels.

Remedy Benefits of Lepidolite:

  • Brings hope and acceptance
  • Connects heart to soul
  • Opens crown chakra
  • Activates throat chakra
  • Assists astral travel
  • Rebirthing stone
  • Good for business pursuits
  • Helps life to light transitions
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