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Grudge Holders

Are You a Grudge Holder?


Holding on to a Grudge

Healing Lesson of the Day

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Are you holding onto a grudge against someone in your life? Do you know how much energy it takes to hang onto a grudge? Anger and grudges fester when we cling to them. Grudges eat away at our relationships, shredding them into fragments of their former selves. The grudge holder usually ends up more damaged than the person who is being grudged against.

If you have been slighted or wounded by the words or actions of another person it is only natural to want to either pull back energetically to protect yourself or lash out in your own defense. But, ask yourself, does the infraction warrant a lifetime of grudging? When is enough a enough?

Release a grudge by doing the person a kindness or offering them a gift. Kind gestures help to dissolve grudges... they do. Try it. Letting go of a grudge is a healing action.

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