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Flower Essence Formulas

Flower Remedies


Flower Essence Therapy: | Basics | Original Bach Remedies | Emotional Issue Index | How to Make Essences | Dosages | Special Formulas | Rescue Remedy | Alcohol Free Alternatives

Flower essences treat and support your spiriatual and emotional needs. Essences can be taken individually or in specialized combo-formulas based on the issue being addressed.

1. Flower Remedies by Issue

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For every emotional upset or mental imbalance there are vibrational flower remedies that can help energize, support, nurture, balance, or give relief. Here you will find flower remedies indexed alphabetically according to issue or disturbance.

2. Yin and Yang Balancing Remedies

Is your masculine nature shadowing or crowding your feminine stirrings? Incorporating the use of specific flower essences into your routine is one remedy to assist in awakening feminine energies. A variety of lily essences offer healing forces helpful in nudging a timid female side to openly flower.

3. Rescue Remedy

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The Rescue Remedy is a combination of five essences that is used in emergency situations to stabilize trauma situations. It eases fear and restores one's state of calm and confidence. However, it is not intended to replace emergency care or assistance. This first aid formula of flowering herbs was originally combined through the studies of Dr. Edward Bach, a homeopathic practitioner who pioneered working with subtle flower energies

4. Empath Remedies

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Empaths or hypersensitive persons are vulnerable to taking on emotional "gunk" belonging to others which can cause them to feel anxious, nervous, or hurt. Flower remedies can help sensitives release emotionally-charged energies and also shield themselves from picking up foreign energies in the future. Other essences can also help the empath work more effectively with their empathic gift.

5. Empty Nest Remedies

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When a child leaves home the whole family dynamic changes. It is not always easy to transition into a new way of life for those who are left behind. A parent may have difficulty letting go emotionally and experience a period of sadness and loneliness. This is normal, but when sadness continues to overshadow your quality of life it is time to look for support.

6. Essences that Focus on Healing the Will

The Will is directly connected with the solar plexus chakra. In order to honor and awaken this place in ourselves, emotional release is essential. Flower essences lend relentless love and support to encourage us through our process of self understanding and acceptance, discernment and integration.

7. Original Bach Remedies

The Bach Flower Remedies are the collection of 38 flower essences originally discovered by the pioneer of flower essence therapy Dr. Edward Bach. Common items found in a healer's medicine kit is an assortment of Bach Flower Remedies.
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