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A to Z Emotional Issues and Imbalances...

and the flower remedies that help address them


Flower Essence Therapy: | Basics | Original Bach Remedies | Emotional Issue Index | How to Make Essences | Dosages | Special Formulas | Rescue Remedy | Alcohol Free Alternatives

For every emotional upset or energy imbalance there are vibrational flower remedies that can help energize, support, nurture, balance, or give relief. Flower essence therapy is a type of vibrational medicine. Other vibrational therapies include color therapy and crystal therapy.

While there is no medical evidence to support the effectiveness of flower essences, practitioners use different flower essences to treat holistic imbalances. However, people suffering from clinical depression or other mental health issues should contact a licensed mental health professional for treatment.

A. Abandonment to Awarenesss

  • Abandonment Angelica Baby Blue Eyes Bleeding Heart Chicory Evening Primrose Holly Mallow Mariposa Lily Oregon Grape Pink Monkeyflower Sweet Chestnut Sweet Pea
  • Acceptance AgrimonyBeech Impatiens Alpine Lily Baby Blue Eyes Bleeding Heart Buttercup Calla Lily Crab Apple Fairy Lantern Fawn Lily Fuchsia Holly Loves-Lies-Bleeding Pine Pink Monkeyflower Sage Scotch Broom
  • Addiction Crab Apple Gorse Mustard Olive Star of Bethlehem Clematis Chestnut Bud
  • Aggressiveness Impatiens Tiger Lily
  • Aging Beech Centaury Chicory Holly Honeysuckle Heather Gentian Mimulus
  • Alienation Calla Lily Alpine Lily
  • Aloofness Water Violet
  • Anger Impatiens Holly
  • Anxiety Elm Red Chestnut Aspen Rescue Remedy Mimulus Chicory Larch
  • Awareness Aspen Chestnut Bud
  • B. Balance to Bruising

  • Balance: Scleranthus Fawn Lily Calla Lily
  • Bee Stings / Bug Bites: Rescue Remedy
  • Bitterness Baby Blue Eyes Rescue Remedy
  • Blame: Beech Larch
  • Body Image Fawn Lily Alpine Lily
  • Broken Heart Holly Honeysuckle
  • Bruising Rescue Remedy Comfrey
  • C. Catalyst to Cynicism

  • Catalyst Indian Paint Brush Cayenne
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Mustard Olive Rock Rose Crab Apple Hornbeam
  • Clarity Star of Bethlehem Clematis Chestnut Bud White Chestnut Bush Fuchsia
  • Cleansing Crab Apple Holly Easter Lily
  • Co-Dependence Centaury Elm Chicory Mariposa Lily
  • Communication Sturt Desert Rose Beech Impatiens Larch
  • Compassion Holly Heather -Mariposa Lily Fawn Lily
  • Concentration Clematis Elm Honeysuckle
  • Confidence Hornbeam Cerato Larch Aspen Mimulus
  • Confusion White Chestnut Wild Rose Gentian Scleranthus
  • Courage Gentian Aspen Rock Rose Mimulus Larch Fawn Lily
  • Creativity Wild Rose Larch
  • Criticism Beech - Crab Apple
  • Cynicism Beech Holly
  • D. Daydreamer to Dullness

  • Daydreamer Clematis Honeysuckle Fawn Lily
  • Death and Dying Star of Bethlehem Rock Rose Holly Mariposa Lily
  • Denial Chestnut Bud
  • Depression and Despair Mustard Gentian Elm Gorse Hornbeam
  • Destructiveness Gorse Beech Impatiens Cherry Plum Crab Apple Holly
  • Discouragement Gorse Gentian Larch
  • Disorientation Clematis
  • Doubt Gorse Larch
  • Dreams and Sleep Problems St. John's Wort Hornbeam
  • Drug Abuse Agrimony
  • Dullness Hornbeam
  • E. Eating Disorders to Exhaustion

  • Eating Disorder Peppermint Cherry Plum Crab Apple Chestnut Bud Mariposa Lily Fawn Lily
  • Egotism Chicory Holly
  • Embarrassment Kangeroo Paw
  • Emergency Rescue Remedy Cherry Plum Crab Apple
  • Empathy (see Essences for Empaths)
  • Empty Nest (see Remedies for Empty Nest Syndrome)
  • Envy Holly Honeysuckle Calla Lily
  • Environment Aversion Crab Apple
  • Erratic Behavior Aspen Impatiens
  • Escapism Clematis Chestnut Bud Honeysuckle Gentian Mimulus Fawn Lily
  • Exhaustion Olive Elm Hornbeam
  • F. Failure to Frustration

  • Failure Gentian Larch
  • Fainting Rescue Remedy
  • Faith Cherry Plum Mimulus
  • Fanaticism Elm
  • Fatigue Olive Impatiens Hornbeam
  • Fear Red Chestnut Aspen Mimulus Gray Spider Flower Cherry Plum Rock Rose Holly Larch
  • Feminininity Lily Wisteria Baby Blue Eyes Black Cohosh Bleeding Heart Buttercup Canyon Dudley Corn Evening Primrose
  • Forgiveness Beech Holly Mariposa Lily
  • Freedom Centaury Chestnut Bud
  • Frustration Wild Oat Impatiens Gentian
  • G. Gloom to Guilt

  • Gloom Gorse Black Cohosh Baby Blue Eyes Mustard Red Clover Scotch Broom
  • Greed Chrysanthemum Star of Bethlehem Honeysuckle Star Thistle
  • Grief Bleeding Heart Fuchsia Sagebrush Love-Lies-Bleeding Honeysuckle Yerba Santa Dandelion
  • Grinding Teeth Snapdragon Elm Red Chestnut Aspen
  • Guilt Sturt Desert Rose Elm Pink Yarrow Golden Ear Drops Deerbrush
  • H. Hate to Hysteria

  • Hate Crab Apple Holly
  • Hesitation Mimulus Larch
  • Hopelessness Mustard
  • Hostility Holly Tiger Lily
  • Hyperactivity Cherry Plum Vervain Impatiens
  • Hypersensitivity Beech
  • Hyperventilation Rescue Remedy Elm Aspen
  • Hypochondria Red Chestnut
  • Hysteria Cherry Plum Rock Rose
  • I. Immune Disorders to Irritability

  • Idealism Beech Centaury Clematis
  • Immune Disorders Beech Crab Apple
  • Impatience Impatiens Calendula
  • Inadequacy Elm Larch
  • Indecision Scleranthus Larch Wild Oat Tansy
  • Inertia Olive Cayenne Blackberry White Chestnut
  • Insomnia White Chestnut Vervain Rock Water Vine Elm Beech Impatiens
  • Intimacy Issues Basil Fawn Lily
  • Irritability Impatiens Beech Crab Apple - Chicory Chestnut Bud
  • J. Jealousy to Judgemental

  • Jealousy Pretty Face Trillium Holly Goldenrod
  • Joylessness Gentian Mustard Gorse
  • Judgemental Beech Pine
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