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Floatation Therapy

Floating your stresses away by floating in an open tub or pool enclosed in a privacy chamber.
  1. Benefits of Floating (6)
  2. Build Your Own Tank (3)
  3. Floaters Experiences (4)
  4. Preparations for Beginners (1)

Floatation Therapy
As opposed to a swimming pool where gravity is lowered, gravity in a floatation tank is essentially nullified by the extreme buoyancy caused by the dissolved Epsom salt.

What My Floatation Therapy Session Was Like
Review testimonials from people who have tried floatation therapy. Find out why they sought out floatation therapy and whether or not they were satisfied with their therapy session. Read advice offered from personal perspectives or give your ear candling testimonial. See submissions See submissions

Float Centers in UK
Places to go in England, for a good float. (Alert: A reader has notified me that the listings on this page are outdated - so this directory may not be very helpful)

Running Your Own Float Tank Business
You gotta read this article. There are so many creative ideas for offering floatation tanks.

Where To Float in Australia
Like it said, it's a list of places to float in Australia! Also includes information about the different types of tanks.

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