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Divination Practices

Spiritual Growth Pathways


Divination practices include tarot, palmistry, astrology, numerology, and more.



While there are lots of books out there that give you the meaning of tarot cards, one of the best and most personal ways to develop meanings for the cards is to actually study the cards themselves. The cards were developed with symbols and pictures that represent the concept being expressed.

Rune Casting

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Spiritual wisdom is committed into stone with the ancient practice of runecarving. The ritual of runecasting awakens us to our natural inclinations helping us make decisions.



Bibliomancy is a form of divination wherein a phrase or words will speak to the querent when a random book from a library, bookstore, or book shelf is opened and glanced at. Alternately, you can choose a sacred text rather than a random book such as the Bible, I Ching, Homer's Iliad, etc. Answers to a a concern or query come through written words or phrases that predominantly appear on the random page.


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Although astrology is often a tool the lovelorn turn to in seeking help in relationships, the signs in your birth chart can also give insights into your physical, emotional, and mental health. I have a limited number of resources on this topic.

To explore astrology in depth please visit Molly Hall's Astrology Guide Site here at About.com - Molly does a fabulous job covering this fascinating topic.



Dowsing is the process of using a tool such as a pendulum or rod to discover things that cannot be discovered using our everyday senses. It is a term, which in the past has been associated primarily with the finding of water sources. Modern dowsers dowse for oil & gas, minerals, water, lost objects, lost people with perhaps one of the most common uses today being the use of a pendulum to determine one's state of health and whether particular medicines, supplements, etc. should be taken.


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Palmistry is the study of mounts, lines and shapes of hands and fingers as indicators of personality traits. Missing, fragmented, or chained lines give clues as to what characteristics you have and the types of challenges are likely to cross your path in life.

Reading Tea Leaves

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Reading tea leaves isn't as mysterious as you might think. Divination requires two basic elements: 1) A Question 2) An Answer. The querent drinks the cup of tea, leaving a drip or two of liquid in the bottom of the cup. The cup is handed over to the reader who interprets the meanings of symbols formed by the wet tea leaves.

Candle Wax Reading

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A candle wax reading is similar to reading tea leaves. Instead of reading symbols and messages formed by wet tea leaves inside your teacup, candle drippings formed inside a container of water are interpreted.

I Ching

I Ching (Book of Changes) is a Chinese divination practice which involves tossing three coins or fifty flat sticks called "stalk." The outcome is based on mathematics and probabilities.

Fortune Cookies

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The messages tucked inside are fortune cookies are meant more to be funny, or a way of uplifting your spirit. Generally the printed message will be either a future prediction or famous quotation. On the back of the message "lucky numbers" are sometimes given. Even so, a cookie's message can seem quite accurate or insightful.
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