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Psychic Practitioners

Psychics and Their Special Talents


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Psychic Reader

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The term "psychic" is a general title among intuitive counselors much like the title "doctor" is used in the medical profession. Your family doctor is probably a general practitioner, but many doctors specialize in specific areas (pediatricians, chiropractors, endocrinologists, psychiatrists, and so forth). The same is true in the field of intuition. Listed here are some of the specialized areas where some psychics or intuitive counselors focus their talents:

Psychics - Whether you are seeking general or specific advice in your relationships, career, finances, future outlooks, etc. you don't necessarily need to consult with a specialized psychic.
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Tarot Readers - Tarot cards are often used by psychics who are clairvoyant or are better able to tap into intuitive knowledge through visual tools. Professional Tarot readers are merely using the cards as a tool or gateway into knowledge. Other tools psychics use include runes, animal bones for tossing, I Ching coins, crystal balls, etc.
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Medical Intuitives - Medical Intuitives are acutely aware of the connection between your physical issues in connection with your emotional and spiritual bodies. They can be very helpful in helping you to identify the root cause of your ills.
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Mediums - Mediums are psychics who specialize in communicating with spirits who once lived as humans and are now residing in the spiritual realm. People turn to mediums as a way to help their grieving process after a loved one has passed or to help resolve any conflicts that were left open-ended at the time of someone's death. Mediums can also communicate with your spirit guides.
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Astrologers - Astrologers are not necessarily "psychic" but they have studied the planets and do their share of intuiting information while interpreting birth charts and planetary transit influences. If you are curious about your chosen life path or pre-birth contracts an astrologer would be able to give you some clues.
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Past Life Readers - Some psychics have the ability to "read past lives" by accessing the akashic library and reviewing your past and future lifetimes. Supposedly, persons that have been given the "golden key" to enter the akashic library have earned the right to do so with karmic credits from living ethical past lives themselves. Past life readers or scholars can help clients understand their current life struggles and triumphs through studying karmic influences and soul contracts.
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Animal Communicators - Animal communicators are intune with the animal kingdom. They serve as interpreters between you and your pets. They can help you better understand the behaviors and needs of your animal friends. Many animal communicators are also serve as mediums because they able to communicate with the spirits of animals who are no longer living in the physical form.
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Angel Intuitives - Angel intuitives are among a group of psychics who communicate with spiritual messengers and teachers residing in higher dimensions (angels, ascended masters, spirit totems and other spiritual entities.
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Palm Readers - Palmistry is a science. Palm readers navigate the lines in your hands much like a traveler would study a map. They have studied the meanings of palm lines, mounds, markings, hand shapes, finger lengths, fingernail types, and more.

Some psychics who call themselves palm readers may know little or nothing about reading palms scientifically, they merely are better able to "read" others when they touch them. Holding onto a client's hand is a tool for them to get in and see better. Touching another person to attain intuitive messages is similar to psychometry which involves handling objects to intuit information.
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Life Coaches - Not all life coaches are psychic. But if you want to work with a psychic life coach, they are out there, so shop around. And, it wouldn't hurt to come right and ask, just because life coaches don't market themselves as being intuitive doesn't mean they aren't. Life coaching is a career focused on "empowering" others to take steps to improve the quality of their work, relationships, personal achievements, and more.
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Are you a psychic or intuitive healer who has a surprising or amazing story to tell about working with a client. Tell Your Story
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