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What is Psychometry?

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Psychometry is a form of divination in which information is intuited from an object. Psychic vibrations that are housed in the object are communicated to the psychic reader when the object is handled. Mental imagery or feelings will surface telling stories about the people who had handled the object. Psychometry is sometimes practiced in an attempt to solve cases of missing persons. A treasured object owned by the person will serve as a surrogate of the missing person himself to obtain information about their abduction or current whereabouts. Historically, Gypsy fortune tellers would use their gift of psychometry by asking for a piece of silver as payment for a palm or card reading. Not only would the reader look at the cards or analyze palm lines but information would be intuited from the coin that had been previously handled by the client. Psychometry can also be used to learn historical significance about a particular object.

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