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Consumer Guide to Psychics and Oracles

What You Need to Know About Psychic Advisors and Oracles



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It isn't unusual to want to seek answers from others when life seems uncertain or when you are facing a difficult decision. Turning to a trusted parent, teacher, friend, or personal adviser is not always possible. However, there are professional psychics (intuitive counselors) who are very adept at helping their clients sort through their confusions.

Before you pick up the phone and dial 1-900-XXX-XXXX for a phone reading, prepay for a Skype session, or book an in-person consultation, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Do Your Homework

Not all psychics are alike. How they run their businesses will vary. It is up to you as the consumer to find out what to expect before booking a session. If a psychic has a Web site, take some time to explore it. Review the psychic's resume. Also look for a description or informational text explaining what a session costs, what you get in exchange for your payment, etc. If not, look for an email or contact form for inquiries. Reading client referrals or testimonials are also helpful. Just know that you are not going to see any negative reviews posted on the psychic's Web site... Google or Bing the psychic's name to see if there are any negative, neutral, or rave reviews written elsewhere.

Psychics, Intuitives, Empaths, Spirit Communicators

Talents and interests vary among intuitive consultants. Everyone has psychic abilities but individuals who use these talents in a professional capacity they will often choose not to call themselves psychics. Some do, but others use other terms or labels that better describe the work they do such as empathic healers, intuitive life coaches, animal communicators, clairvoyants, spirit channelers, etc.

Taking Control of Your Own Fate and Fortune

Using Oracles - Being Your Own Psychic

There are many different oracles and divination tools you can use to explore your own intuitive nature. Which oracle works best at awakening your intuitions may take a bit of experimentation. Here are a few articles that will help you get started.

Psychic Consultation Stories

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