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Tongue Exercises

Open Your Awareness with These Tongue Exercises


Tongue Exercises

Healing Lesson of the Day

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Holistic Health practitioner, K.C. Avnayt, suggests these tongue exercises to heighten awareness in the center of the head.
  1. Flick your tongue out like a lizard - 10 times. Swallow slowly.
  2. Stick your tongue out and draw a circle clockwise 5 times, anti-clockwise 5 times.
  3. Fold your tongue, like you're lapping up water and then flap it back straight - 10 times.
  4. Stick your tongue out and keeping it straight flick it sideways to each corner of the mouth - 20 times.
K.C. writes "If its the first time you're doing tongue exercises, you might find your concentration more on the tip of your tongue, than its root. The aim is to do these exercises from the root of the tongue. You'll find it very easy once you get going."

Reference: Energy Healing for Facial Rejuvenation, www.energy-treatments.com - (K.C. is one of my Facebook Friends)

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