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Self-Healing Practice of Qigong Promotes Weight Loss

Qigong Exercises that Increase the Rate of Digestion

By Sarah Kowalski

Chris Fernie

Chris Fernie

Chris Fernie has developed exercises that increase the rate of digestion and help people understand the factors affecting digestion. These exercises, practiced daily after meals, have significantly improved digestion and promoted weight loss in many of students.

Exercise #1

Bring both hands, palms facing down towards the ground, to the level of the solar plexus. Fingers point toward each other and almost touch. Gently begin moving the hands away from the body, parallel with the solar plexus. It is possible to sense that you are pulling something out from the solar plexus. It is as if the finger tips are connected to this area by invisible elastic. Move the hands as far away as possible without loosing the sense of connection. Just before you would lose the connection return your hands to the starting position. Don't think too much about the action of returning the hands. Don't worry if you don't feel anything at first, the less effort you make the more you can feel. Check you are following the guidelines and enjoy the exploration.

Exercise #2

Repeat exercise #1 but this time bring the hands to different points on the midline. There are five areas that usually require this treatment especially after eating.
  1. The solar plexus.
  2. The point half way between the solar plexus and the navel
  3. The navel
  4. The area roughly the width of 3 fingers below the navel
  5. The belly just above the pubic bone.
As you work on the lower points it will become necessary to change the starting position of the hands to palms up. The change usually occurs at the navel, but do what is most comfortable.

Exercise #3

Bring the backs of the hands together just above the solar plexus so they almost touch with the fingers pointing down towards the ground. Move the hands down the midline. It is possible to sense something moving down the midline at the same speed as the hands. When your hands reach the bottom of the pelvis imagine that the sensation you experienced continues through the legs and into the ground. If you have done the previous exercise well, the movement through the midline will feel unobstructed. If you feel stuck, repeat Exercise #1 at the level of the belly where you experience the obstruction. Once that area feels lighter continue Exercise #3. After some practice it is possible to have a sense of stroking the spine. It is as if the midline of the belly has opened up.

When one experiences this sense of the belly midline opening digestion and metabolism will greatly improve. It is important at this point to differentiate between three sensations representing different stages of digestion.
  1. The feeling of fullness experienced after a large meal in which the midline feels obstructed.
  2. The mid-line is clear from doing the exercises but we are not yet hungry.
  3. The mid-line is clear and we are hungry and need to eat again.
Many people never develop the ability to attain or sense Stage 2 because they cannot differentiate between feeling unobstructed and feeling hungry. Recognizing these three phases can greatly help in regulation of the digestion and weight loss.

The practice of Qigong can extend far beyond healing the digestive system. In fact it can balance and heal every aspect of the body, promote emotional balance and develop mental clarity. With practice our holistic nature is revealed and the body as a whole is strengthened. Through this transformation our potential can be realized.

About Chris Fernie: Founder of the Institute for Internal Transformation Fernie began his study of internal and external arts at the age of 6. He has studied Qigong for the past 14 years under three renowned Qigong masters, each of whom has certified him to teach. He is currently the master instructor of Taijiwuxigong in the US. Fernie is committed to helping others find true health and live full and satisfying lives. His quest has taken him through Asia, Europe, and the USA to study Qigong, martial arts, Buddhism, Yoga, Chinese medicine, the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais and many other spiritual and healing practices. He teaches many classes, workshops and retreats throughtout the United States.

Chris Ferniei
The Institute for Internal Transformation
4035 24th St, San Francisco, CA, 94114
415 216-3130

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