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Exercise options that go beyond the physical aspect, stretching awareness and grounding your energy.
  1. Dance and Movement (17)
  2. Inversion Therapy (4)
  3. Pilates (5)
  4. Qigong
  5. Tai Chi (19)
  6. Yoga (174)

Gaiam Balanceball Chair
Gaiam Balanceball Chair is an ergonomic answer to better posture, strengthening muscles, and reducing fatigue and stress.

Walking Extra Steps Exercise
Shake up your daily routine by squeezing in a bit of exercise in between tending to your tasks.

Self-Healing Practice of Qigong Promotes Weight Loss
The practice of Qigong can extend far beyond healing the digestive system. In fact it can balance and heal every aspect of the body, promote emotional balance and develop mental clarity. With practice our holistic nature is revealed and the body as a whole is strengthened. Through this transformation our potential can be realized.

Chinese Exercise Balls
Manipulating Chinese health balls in the palm of your hands with finger movements helps to increase blood flow, restore life energy to your body's vital organs, and promote longevity.

Open Your Awareness with These Tongue Exercises
Try these simple tongue exercises to help rejuvenate energies in your head.

Practicing the Art of Relaxation - Intentional Relaxation
Sheldon Ginsberg offers exercise techniques for "intentional relaxation." He says "This simple procedure will reduce a tremendous amount of stress and tension while creating space for health and vitality."

Aura Cleansing And Chakra Balancing Exercises
Exercises that you can do at home to help navigate your aura and chakras toward wellness.

Teeter Hang Ups F5000 Inversion Table
Ten minutes once or twice a day on the Hang Ups Inversion Table helps me get the kinks out of compressed joints and relaxes any muscle fatigue.

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique
This site, run by an instructor who teaches in both Lincoln, Nebraska, and Toronto, Canada, offers loads of information and resources on the Alexander technique.

Gaiam BalanceBall® Desk Chair
Readers are invited to give their reviews of the Gaiam BalanceBall® Desk Chair.

This cutting-edge form of exercise was created by Juliu Horvath. Its contains elements of gymnastics, yoga, swimming and ballet in fluid, non-impact movements. Similar to Pilates, Gyrotonics emphasizes quality of movement over quantity, and uses a machine called the Gyrotonic Expansion System®.

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