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Common Meridian Tapping Points - Ten Step Tapping Sequence


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Meridian Tapping Points - Karate Chop
meridian tapping points

Karote Chop Tapping Point

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A meridian tapping sequence begins with the "Karote Chop." Using two or three fingers tap the soft side of the hand between the wrist and little finger. All tapping is gentle, but with quick motions. Use tips or pads of your fingers for tapping. Tap six to ten times on each meridian point. To begin this ten step tapping sequence perform the "chopping tap" on both your hands.

Before you begin tapping, chose an emotional focus for the session. Pick an emotion that you would like to clear from your energy field.

  • I'm angry with my boss.
  • I'm nervous about taking my final exams.
  • I hate myself for craving sugar.
  • I'm disappointed I wasn't invited to the party.
  • I'm worried about lack of money.
  • I'm afraid of public speaking.
Verbalize the emotions you are feeling as you tap throughout the tapping sequence.
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