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Who is My Higher Self?

Inner Knowing


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The higher self is not an entity separate from you, it is very much a part of you. When people speak about their higher selves they are referring to the knowing or awakened aspects of themselves. Higher self is sometimes used as a universal term by individuals who feel very connected to spirit. It is through your higher self that deepest truths and hidden knowledge is accessed.

When you ask for help or guidance from your higher self, you are truly taking a giant Self-Help step. It is your connection to your unconscious. The higher self is the part of you that has not been wounded by judgements or prejudices. It does not view life through murky-colored filters tainted by past experiences (pain, rejection, abandonment, etc.). Nor is it a reflection of your wishes or expectations, although your higher self can assist you by clearing a pathway so you can attain your dreams faster or more easily. The higher self is YOU, the best part of you, it is yourself at the purest level.

Connecting with Your Higher Self

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