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Donna Eden's Energy Medicine Workshop

Introduction to Donna Eden's Energy Medicine

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Donna Eden Workshop

Donna Eden Workshop

photo (c) Cecilia Timon
Donna Eden Faculty

Donna Eden Faculty Photo

(c) Cecilia Timon
Donna Eden's Energy Medicine Workshop

The Energy Medicine KIt

photo (c) Phylameana Desy

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Two words that describe Energy Medicine are balance and flow. Donna Eden and her husband and partner, David Feinstein, Ph.D., teach us how to use our own energies to keep our bodies working the way they should, to correct imbalances when they occur, and to eliminate pain. Donna's daughter Titanya Dahlin, a talented bellydancer, has worked with her mother to develop effective dance routines that make everyone's daily EM practices a delight. All three are incredibly talented individuals -- together they're a team that can't be beat.

Getting Started at the Innersource 5-Day Energy Medicine Workshop

Reading her Energy Medicine book and watching DVDs from previous workshops were all it took to get me to the Donna Eden 5-day workshop in Hilton Head, SC. Since it was my first hands on experience with energy medicine, I wasn't sure what to expect -- and I have to admit that I was a little nervous about whether or not I could do the techniques correctly.

Talking to people at the opening reception on the first night helped ease my fears, because there were other newbies among the attendees, and some shared my uncertainty. The crowd was varied though, and included people from all walks of life. Nurses, psychologists, MDs, massage therapists, acupuncture pros and more -- it was a wonderful mix and everyone I talked with brought along a sharing attitude.

Any doubts I still had about my own abilities were erased when Donna stepped on stage that first evening, because she makes it absolutely clear that everyone has the ability to work with EM using the electrical fields we were born with.

How the Workshop Works

First, let's get past what the EM workshop is not. It's not the place to go for immediate healing work. If that's what you need there are lots of Eden-trained practitioners around the U.S. and abroad.

The 5-day workshop is an intense series of training sessions. Donna and David are both onstage nearly all the time, and although the workshop is very organized I'm told that the order of training and the things Donna teaches are often influenced by the students, because Donna can see our energy fields. When she brings someone onstage she knows what's going on with them by reading their aura, and demonstrates a technique to help the problem.

Don't worry if you can't see colors. Most of us can't. Donna teaches you how to test the energy connected with different systems so that you'll know where to start.

Sometimes you'll pair up with another student and work along with Donna's demo, switching off so that each of you can experience giving and receiving treatment. After most sessions you'll break into small groups that are led by Innersource Teaching Assistants. The questionnaire you answer when you register for an event helps Staff connect us with people who share the same basic knowledge of EM.

Faculty members are a delight, and I was impressed with everyone's lack of ego -- including Donna, David and Titanya. Many faculty members have developed their own special ways of delivering EM to the person who needs it. Donna encourages everyone to share what they've learned, and is genuinely proud of the accomplishments of the people she's taught.

The 5-Minute Routine, Energy Psychology & More

You'll want to do Donna's routine every day to balance and strengthen your body. It's simple and fluid -- I felt a difference in my energy levels (and an overall sense of well-being) after doing it for just a few days. You'll have the routine down pat before you head home -- your TA will make sure of that (thank you Sue Powell), although I still referred to handouts for a bit to make sure I didn't forget anything.

David Feinstein is a psychologist and energy psychology is his specialty. I'm the first to admit that I haven't wrapped my brain around the hows and whys of that just yet and I wasn't able to attend his presentation on the topic. In general, practitioners bring about change by combining energy touch with traditional methods used by psychologists. You can learn more about it on the Innersource Web site.

You've heard the old saying bundle of energy. Well that's Donna. David steps in to slow her down and explain things with a bit of a different twist than Donna might have used -- so right-brainers and left-brainers both get the explanations they need.

Titanya lead an optional energy dance session every morning. If you can't dance, that's ok, because it's the general movements that are important, not your style. The routines are gentle -- I didn't encounter anyone who felt they were too difficult or intense.

Innersource Staff members were on hand in the vendor area and to ensure that meals and other activities hummed along as they should. Their expertise helped make this event one of the best workshops I've ever attended on any topic.

Wrapping Up

It would take a book to cover everything we learned during Donna Eden's 5-day workshop -- this short review is meant to be a simple introduction. Am I glad I attended? You bet, and I was impressed enough to enroll in the 2-year Certification Program, held quarterly in Phoenix. Those of you who know me know that I am not fond of flying -- it took something pretty powerful to make me commit to being on airplane that many times in a year.

I'm not sure I'll ever use what I learn in a practice, but I'm confident it will be a boost to my own well being, and the health of my friends and family, including the four-legged members. And remember I mentioned I can't see aura colors? I can't, but after studying more at home and watching related DVDs I am beginning to see the energy around people clearly. But more importantly, I can feel it better than ever.

Don't miss an opportunity to attend one of Donna and David's workshops. I think you'll come away just as excited about the methods as I am. If you can't see them in person, DVDs are a good alternative. The Energy Medicine Kit (Compare Prices) is an inexpensive set that includes DVDs showing Donna at work, plus flash cards that illustrate the most important techniques. A six-hour training program is available for anyone who wants to go more in-depth with the energy medicine.

Titanya's energy dance routines are also available on DVD, making it easy to follow along at home. And if you want to pursue belly dancing, she and sister Dondi offer workshops throughout the world. Now that's what I'd like to do next.

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