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Healing Energy Technique


Kolaimni is a non-touch form of energy medicine. A trained Kolaimnist will work with her hands within the body's electromagnetic sheath (human energy field), approximately one half to one inch over the physical body. Short manipulative strokes infuse restorative energies into the recipient. These energies come from "source" or universal life energy. Kolaimni's methodology has been described as an "etheric massage."

History of Kolaimni:

Kolaimni (pronounced "ko-lame-nee") means "Connecting with the Light." This therapy was developed by Patricia "Mechi" Garza. She learned of this ancient healing art through spiritual communications with her oversoul and spirit teacher, named Lothar, in 1981. Mechi is a Native American Elder and Medicine Woman with the Esaw Inter-tribal Group is of Choctaw and Cherokee descent.

Benefits of Kolaimni include:

  • Gives Pain Relief
  • Promotes Self-Healing
  • Offers Relaxation
  • Balances Chakras
  • Relieves Stress
  • Spiritual Awareness

Kolaimni Classes

  • Basic Kolaimni
  • Explore electromagnetic sheath energies
  • Study the endocrine system and its function
  • Study the chakras
  • Learn how to massage the etheric field

Advanced Kolaimni

  • Learn energetic surgery techniques
  • Study of internal organs, bones, veins, arteries, muscles, and tissues
  • Learn focused intent for relief of pain and discomfort
  • Kolaimni Teacher Certification

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