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Chios Energy Healing

Brief Introduction


Chios (pronounced Chee’-ohss) Energy Healing was created by Steve Barrett. Chios healing techniques, include Chakra Charging, Chakra System Rebalancing, Radiatory Healing and Seventh-Layer Healing.

Chios training involves a series of three course levels with spiritual attunements. This sounds very familiar to the Reiki System of Natural Healing, but Chios is very different from Reiki, the attunements are not interchangeable. Barrett says "Chios healing includes a complete, progressive series of advanced techniques in energy healing—unique to Chios and not available in Reiki, etc.—which powerfully heal the aura and chakra system."

More Information About Chios

Chios Web site - Excellent resource and also offers free downloads of the Chios information (instructional manuals and educational workbooks).

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