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Pity Party Indulgences


Pity Party Indulgences

Healing Lesson of the Day

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Whenever you are feeling in the dumps you are not going to appreciate someone telling you to "Snap Out of It." Why let anyone talk you out of your pity party, it's your party after all? Allow yourself to "feel" your sorrows. It is good to be in touch with how you feel. But, such indulgences can go too far and are not helpful if you sink too deep into your pool of sadness. Put a time limit on your pity party. Acknowledge your feelings for a set amount of time (a few hours maybe, or a day or two). You know in your heart anyway that eventually you will need to move forward. Take whatever steps you need to release your emotional hurts, lift your spirits, and ultimately get out of your funk. You might even consider throwing yourself a pity party - check out my Pity Party Planner.

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