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Do You Have All Five Elements?

Ask An Intuitive Life Coach


Reader Question: I've been feeling BLAH... and I don't know why. Can you help?

Response from Anandra: I would love to speak with you to discover more about the personal causes of your discontent, and help you unravel them, but I'll take the opportunity to respond to a general question with a general answer that might benefit all readers.

If you’re not well - either unhappy and/or physically ill - check to see that all five elements are vibrantly represented in your life. If they are all present, health and wellness are more likely to be present too!

Eat lots of fresh food grown by you or someone you know. Walk barefoot on the grass. Plant a tree and delight in its growth.

Avoid processed and packaged foods. Unplug from your computer, your cell phone, and the TV and get outside to play more often.

Drink plenty of water. Enjoy bathing as a cleansing ritual daily. Swim in a river, lake, or ocean if you can. Give yourself permission to cry if you need to.

Avoid sugary sodas and excessive caffeine.

Let the sun shine on your skin. Pursue your creative passions.

Don’t smoke. Find the root of anger (judgment), and don’t indulge it.

Breathe deeply. Move your body until it sweats and breathes deeply on its own. Embrace change.

Notice the situations in your day when your breath tightens or stops, when you feel stagnant, and seek to eliminate or change those situations.

Surround yourself with pleasing sounds. Meditate and give thanks to the spirit that abides in us all.

Be careful about the music and media you expose yourself to. See past the physical and into the essence of the people, places, and things in your day.

Remembering these five elements is a simple way to keep yourself balanced and in check. In addition to medications and actions already prescribed by your doctor or therapist, attention to the elements will go a long way towards establishing overall health and a feeling of wellness.

If you feel intuitively that one element is lacking more than another, you can pay special attention to emphasizing it. There are mantras, colors, foods, and rituals to balance the elements if you wish to go further into the topic... but I’ve listed basic, practical connection to the elements that anyone can implement today.

I hope it’s helpful!


Disclaimer: Anandra's advice is not meant to override your personal health providers' recommendations/prescriptions, but is intended to offer a new perspective and encourage your inner wisdom to guide the best course of action.

Each week, we invite a different intuitive to answer a question from a reader. If you'd like to submit a question for Anandra please email her directly.

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