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Earth Healing / Planetary Preservation

Mother Earth is our home. Her preservation is important for generations to come. She has been neglected and abused and is in much need of our care and healing. Offered here are a variety of planetary preservation resources.
  1. Basic Four Elements (36)
  2. Cultural Creatives (5)
  3. Earth Changes (31)
  4. Earth Friendly Groups (6)
  5. Earth-Centered Rituals (6)
  6. Gaia - Earth Mother (6)
  7. Global Warming (6)
  8. Heirloom Seeds (8)
  9. Organic Market Place (8)
  10. Our Sacred Trees (20)
  11. Planetary Chakras
  12. Recycling (37)
  13. Sacred Spaces (7)
  14. Wildlife Preservation (6)

Sacred Spaces in Nature
Readers share photos and details about places in nature that they consider to be sacred spaces.See submissions

The Science of Natural Attraction Ecology
Natural Attraction Ecology is a holistic environmental process that explores nature's blending of the ways of natural systems with the ways of our psyche, a blend that Industrial Society teaches us to ignore.

The Hidden Voice in Natural Systems
Article by Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D. - "Most therapies, healing and learning work better and produce greater responsibility when connected to natural attractions in nature."

How to Hug a Tree
Although some trees, like people, are more huggable than others, they all need a hug now and again.

Loving Our Earth - Free Online Memory Game
The images used in this memory game (remember Concentration) were selected with our home planet Earth in mind. We are the stewards of our home planet. It is up to us to care for its natural resources. Play the game and have a little fun!

The Healing Earth - Nature's Medicine for the Troubled Soul
Book Review - The Healing Earth by Philip Sutton Chard

Earth Symbols
Maker and designer of labyrinths, mazes, garden walks, and sculptures.

Earth Day Doings - Tell What You Did for the Planet on Earth Day
Readers share their Earth Day activities.

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