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Dreamwork and Art Therapy Activity

Unlocking Your Dreams


Unlocking Your Dreams

Healing Lesson of the Day

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This is a dreamwork and art therapy activity that you can use among your friends or with your students. It encourages play and creativity and at the same time may help unlock the mysteries of dreams that confuse you.

This activity works well with groups of 6-10 people. If you have a larger group of participants break them into smaller groups.

1. Choose a Dream

    Ask each person to choose a recent or memorable dream of theirs to focus on.

2. Drawing Your Dream

    Instruct everyone to make a drawing of their dream sequence. Ask everyone to refrain from conversing with one another during the art drawing period. Be sure to let them know that it is okay not to be perfect at drawing. The purpose of this exercise is to let the emotion of the dream make the strokes onto the paper. You may like to play a favorite CD to help get the creative juices flowing. Allow 15-30 minutes for this step.

3. Show and Tell

    Give each person their turn to show their picture as they describe their dream with the others.

4. Dress-up and Dramatics

    Now the fun really begins. Choose a director for each dream. The director will assign each symbol from the dream to be acted out by someone. No part is too small. The cabbage plant, the snail, the overstuffed chair, etc. can all be portrayed by players. The dreamer is to play himself in the dream play (if he/she was an observer in his dream, then he/she will play the observer in the reenactment).

5. Discussion

    Open forum to discuss how the dreamer felt having his/her dream played out and any insight others may share.
Supplies: drawing paper, markers, crayons, colored chalk, trunk full of costumes and miscellaneous props (hats, walking cane, boa, scarves, capes, masks, etc.)
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