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Holistic Care for Dogs

Holistic care for the health and happiness of "Man's Best Friend."

Caring for Your Dog Holistically
Dog ownership should not be taken lightly. Your dog deserves the best care and concern you can offer.

Dogs Love Reiki - Reiki Treatments for Dogs
All dogs, whether shelter dogs or dogs in happy homes, can benefit from the healing aspects of Reiki.

Care Tips for Arthritic and Aging Dogs
Reiki Animal Shaman offers holistic approach for caring for dogs challenged with joint issues.

Advice Concerning Dogs That Bite
General advice on how to assess and alter a dog's biting and other aggressive behaviors.

Advice for Re-Homing a Rescue Dog
Factors to take into consideration before re-homing a dog with emotional issues.

Preventative Care and Energetic Healing for Your Dog
Ways to protect you dog from illness and support its overall health.

Dog Growls
Growling behavior is a warning, and one that should not be ignored as it can escalate.

Canine Fleas and Ticks
Herbal repellants consisting of natural herbal ingredients to free your dog of pesky ticks and fleas.

Dental Care for Cats and Dogs
According to the American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS), eighty percent of dogs and seventy percent of cats have periodontal disease by the age of three.

Complementary Therapy for Dogs - Doggie Body and Coat Tea
Recipes for Doggie Aromatherapy and Herbal Tea

Eucalyptus Pods Make Fleas Flee
Reader Tip for dog owners concerned about fleas.

Feng Shui for a Loyal Friend
Article by Lori Schneider - "Feng shui suggests that there is an interconnection with loving and honoring your pet and creating a greater sense of well being and happiness for yourself and other members of your household."

Barking Dog in the Neighborhood
How to deal with your neighbor's barking dog disturbing the peace in your home.

Moving Advice for Dog Owners
Helping your dog through the transition of moving from a familiar home to a new location.

Itchy Dog
My dog Mango and I are very connected and lately he has been so itchy. We have also been itching to move, and his itchiness has also happened before our last big move.

How can I help my dog through the grief process?
We recently lost our 12 year old dog Maggie. She was the alpha dog. We have 2 more dogs, one female, Sophie and one male Chuck. Sophie seems lost. I know dogs grieve but I am not sure how to comfort her.

How can I help boost my Collie's confidence?
Could you tell me how I can help Teddy's confidence and help him enjoy himself?

Which dog breed would be the best for us?
Would you please help my mum and I to find the best breed for us?

Why does rescue dog damage fence and house?
What is the issue with my boyfriend's rescue dog, Captain, and how can we help him?

Why does my dog follow me everywhere I go?
My dog Shandy keeps staring at me and following me around all the time. It is like she's looking right through me. It is quite unnerving!

Benji's Legacy
Healing story contributed by Judy Karbritz, member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers.

Physical enlightenment has gone to the dogs
What do you get when you team up a yoga enthusiast with a dog lover? Yoga fitness classes for dogs naturally.

Signs of Canine Illness
Symptoms and changes that indicate your dog is sick.

Fences for Fido
Fences for Fido is an all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to improving the welfare and quality of life for dogs living outdoors.

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