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What is Bibliomancy?


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Bibliomancy is a form of divination wherein a phrase or words will speak to the querent when a random book from a library, bookstore, or book shelf is opened and glanced at. Alternately, you can choose a sacred text rather than a random book such as the Bible, I Ching, Homer's Iliad, etc. Answers to a a concern or query come through written words or phrases that appear on the random page. The words that are meant for you will be hard to miss, it will be as if they jump off the page. You can also close your eyes as you open the book and place your finger on the page to direct you to a specific passage.

  • Allow spirit to guide you to the appropriate book.
  • With the book in your hands focus on your desire for guidance.
  • Ask your question.
  • Open the book to a random page.
  • Scan the book with your eyes and an open heart.
  • Allow the words on the page to speak to you on an intuitive level.
  • For additional insight, close the book and reopen it for a second scan.
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