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Energy Treatments Given Over Long Distance



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Energy healing is a treatment often sought for illnesses and imbalances that are not always easily explained. When our physical bodies are injured we can see the blood oozing from our injuries. When our bones become broken we can look at the fractures on xrays. The human body is more than flesh, blood, and bones. Misalignments of our subtle energies (human energy field, aura, and chakras) are not as easily diagnosed because these energies are invisible to the human eye.

When these invisible energies become misaligned our dis-eases are not as easily diagnosed. But there are people we can turn to for help. Medical intuitives can sense energetic imbalances in our bodies. Also, energy healers who are studied in various energy-based therapies have been trained in clearing, redirecting, or manipulating these energies to ease and treat dis-eases.

How Healers Work with Energy

Energy healing practitioners will use their hands either by hands-on contact or making hovering or sweeping hand movements above or around the body. The same techniques energy healers use in-person can also be carried out through distance healing. How energy treatments are conducted will vary according to modality being used. Also, healers themselves are unique in how they work with energy in their healing practices. This is because many energy medicine practitioners have acquired a variety of tools by attending several different schools and workshops to learn about energy healing. How they incorporate these acquired tools makes them unique.

Focus and Intention

Basically, distance healing is done with focus and intent. Energy-based therapies that can be conducted remotely include:

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