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Hurdles to Wellness - Benefits of Sickness

Possible Hurdles to Wellness


Hurdles to Wellness - Benefits of Sickness
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For awhile now I've been batting around the idea of sharing my various opinions on why some people seemingly struggle with chronic illnesses while others outwardly win the battle, pulling themselves out of sickness into a state of wellness. First off, I want to say that I don't know all the answers. However, I'd like to address this subject by throwing out some ideas that I have considered. I realize that some people are likely to strongly disagree with me. That's OK. In the months and years to come as I continue with my life journey my outlook may change and I may even disagree with myself... it wouldn't be the first time. Life's experiences have a way of adjusting our thinking.

Possible Hurdles to Wellness:

  • Childhood Imprinting - Parental teachings and/or our childhood environments have a way of imprinting certain values and ideas in our minds that no longer serve us as adults. You can jump this hurdle by taking steps to change old patterns that are blocking your path to wellness...more about this hurdle

  • Fear of Survival - Learning to TRUST and SURRENDER are big hurdles to overcome. Sickness and pain in our bodies are signs telling us that we cannot be "well" while remaining in unhealthy relationships or continue working under toxic conditions...more about this hurdle

  • Pre-Birth Contracts - On a soul level a person better understands the gifts and insights they will learn in an experience. Because of this they may pre-decide that the physical pain associated with an illness "is of less importance" than the soul growth that will come from it...more about this hurdle

  • Getting Caught Up In Seeking A Cure - Some people with chronic diseases get so caught up in the whole "battle" -- the search for solutions -- that they forget about living today. One perspective on this hurdle is in Thyroid Disease Guide Mary Shomon's article, Being Healed Versus Being Cured: A Thyroid Patient's Perspective
Article Dateline: Sept. 2000
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