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Factors to Consider in a Weight Loss Diet

Suggestions For Weight Loss


Factors to Consider in a Weight Loss Diet

The Acid Alkaline Balance Die

The following is an excerpt from the book The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet by Felicia Drury Kliment
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Factors to Consider in a Weight Loss Diet

What can be done about food addictions? Give them all up at once and see if there are any you can do without.

Suggestions For Weight Loss
  • Nearly raw potatoes. These are effective in reducing hunger pangs.

  • Ice pack. Placed on the lower abdomen, it takes away the appetite.

  • Raw honey. The brand Really Raw contains the starch digesting enzyme amylase, which disposes of excess nutrients.

  • Raw milk and butter. These are hard to find, but worth tracking down because of their rich supply of the fat-digesting enzyme lipase and the enzyme protease, which breaks down protein.

  • Raw beefsteak. If the steer have been raised on hormone and pesticide-free feed, raw beefsteak is a good diet food because it's loaded with protein -- and fat -- digesting enzymes. Bartenders recommend rare roast beef sandwiches for hangovers because the enzymes in the beef eliminate acid aldehyde, the poisonous by-product of alcohol, which causes the symptoms described as a hangover.

  • Avocados and bananas. These are filling, but when eaten raw don't cause unnecessary weight gain, and they contain more enzymes than fruits and vegetables with fewer calories.

  • Vitamin E. Not only normalizes thyroid function, but also neutralizes the poisonous by-products of polyunsaturated oils, which interfere with thyroid function. An underactive thyroid produces less heat energy, so less fat is burned up.

  • ChitoPlex. The gel in this resin absorbs fat. Compare Prices

  • Coconut and flaxseed oil. Two tablespoons daily help increase energy production.

  • Raw carrots. These remove fat molecules from the body.

  • Acidic foods. Sour-tasting foods such as grape juice, vinegar, and yogurt reduce hunger.

  • Bland foods. Bland foods don't excite the taste buds and stimulate hunger.

  • Several small meals. Eating small amounts of food often, rather than three big meals a day, keeps the digestive process working and burning up energy.

  • Blackstrap-lemon drink. Detoxifying the liver is an aid to weight loss because it gets rid of acidic waste. Add two heaping tablespoons of blackstrap molasses and the juice of a lemon to a glass of hot water. Drink nothing but this concoction for three days. Sip it slowly. Repeat this procedure every few months.

  • Ice water. Drink a lot of ice water, especially before a meal. This reduces weight because in order to maintain the body's internal temperature, which has dropped due to the cold water, the body burns up additional calories.
One hard and fast rule all dieters should follow: no junk food before breakfast. A junk-food snack first thing in the morning ferments and putrefies in the stomach. Any healthy food eaten afterward, exposed to the bacteria in the putrefying and fermenting junk-food molecules, is also broken down into toxic waste by these bacteria.

The most critical factor in any weight-loss program is the efficient digestion of foods. Complete digestion means fewer acidic wastes. This has at least three advantages. First, appetite cravings are reduced (toxic acidic food residues create abnormal hunger pangs). Second, fewer acidic wastes means less fat sticks to the ribs. Third, reduction in toxic acidic wastes makes for a more alkaline environment in the body. This in turn increases the production of food-digesting enzymes. The more enzymes that break down food molecules in the gastrointestinal tract, the less food remains undigested and the better the chances to attain the ultimate in efficient digestion and consequent weight loss: oxidation (burning) of 97 percent of the food you eat.

Copyright © 2002 by Felicia Drury Kliment

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