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What is Medical Graphology?


Medical Graphology

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Medical Graphology is the psychological/scientific analysis of handwriting for the purpose of diagnosing physical and mental illnesses. Nine graphological indicators (see below) are typically evaluated to determine possible imbalances. Height, width, and slant of letters, also spacing between words and document layouts are also considered by a trained graphologist in compiling a complete interpretation.
  1. Shapes of letters
  2. Shapes and locations of breaks in lettering
  3. Shading in loops in letters
  4. Ambiguous letters
  5. Extra letters
  6. Omission of letters
  7. Size of lettering
  8. Disconnected lettering in the middle of words
  9. Shape variations of lettering within a sentence/paragraph

Harnett/Hanzon / Getty Images References: encyclopedia.stateuniversity.com, dictionary.babylon.com

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