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Crystals and Gemstones

Healing Crystals and Gemstone Jewelry


Holistic Shopping: The healing properties of gemstones add to the natural beauty of the stones themselves. Being able to adorn yourself with beautiful gemstone jewelry is icing on the cake.

Planetary Gemstone Necklace

image courtesy of Gaiam, Inc.
What a beauty this astrological pendant is. The nine gemstones were selected as representatives of the nine planets in our solar system. The ancient combination of nine gemstones is known as Navaratna in eastern astrology.

Seven Chakra Stones with Pouch

image courtesy of Pricegrabber
Seven gemstones with colors that are associated with the major chakras bundled together in a drawstring pouch . The stones can be used individually or together in healings, meditation, or rituals.

Hematite Jewelry

(c) 13 moons

Grounding stone. This silver-gray metallic gemstone is often used as a grounding tool to aid those who tend to avoid worldly tasks/events by out-of-body flight.

Rose Quartz Jewelry

image courtesy of Pricegrabber
Rose quartz has a gentle energy and is a heart healer of physical heart ailments as well as emotional heartbreaks. Jewelry selections include a breast cancer heart pendant, carved rose ring, sisters bracelet, and more.

Turquoise Jewelry

(c) courtesy of pricegrabber
Turquoise dissipates negativity. It is a good stone for helping one to bond with the spiritual. It offers much uplifting. Also helps open the heart chakra for giving and receiving. Shop for turquoise rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and more.

Amethyst Jewelry

(c) 13 moons
The amethyst is a powerful stone for healing. It carries many healing properties. It also aids in psychic awareness and helps with imagery. It is a stone to help silence the chattering mind. If worn while sleeping, it helps you to interpret dreams, and to ward off nightmares.

Fluorite Jewelry

image courtesy of Pricegrabber
Fluorite absorbs negativity and serves as a wonderful protective shield. This is stone is a "must have" for highly sensitive persons.

Jade Jewelry

image courtesy of Commission Junction
Jade teaches acceptance and carries a serene and calming energy. Jade helps a person become less critical of self and others. Shop for jade pendants, rings, bracelet, and more.

Lapis Jewelry

image courtesy of Linksynergy
Lapis is a stone that has been said to unlock mysteries as it helps one move through confusion and emotional blocks and dig through fog/muck to the root of problematic issues. Choice lapis earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings, and others.

Citrine Jewelry

(c) 13 Moons
Citrine's energy and color make this stone associated with the sun it's said that the stone drives out darkness and night fears and helps to protect against negative people. It also is good for prosperity.
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