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Rose Quartz Gemstones

Beautiful Rose Quartz Jewelry


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Rose quartz has a gentle energy and is a heart healer of physical heart ailments as well as emotional heartbreaks. Rose quartz is a timely gift to offer someone who desires to learn self-love.

Rose Quartz Pendants

image courtesy of Pricegrabber

Rose pendants are carved in a variety of different shapes. Butterflies, flowers, dolphins, seahorses, moon and stars, Zuni bears, and more. But, my favorite is a heart-shaped rose quartz pendant because rose quartz is a heart-healing stone. What could be more perfect!

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Rose Quartz Pendulum Wand

(c) 13 Moons

This lovely pendulum can be used as a healing tool as well as worn as jewelry. Pendulums can be used a diagnostic tool for measuring chakras and the human energy field or as a dowsing tool for divination purposes.

Rose Quartz Pearl Necklace

(c) Heavenly Treasures

Rose quartz and amethyst gemstones with pink and white pearls strung together to make this sweet necklace. Soft and gentle look. Wearing a combination of rose quartz's love properties with amethyst and pearls will help bring feminine issues to the forefront. Pearls are representative of moon elements, and amethysts awaken intuitive communications.

Kera Rose Quartz Natural Stone Bead

image courtesy of Commission Junction

Crafters will appreciate this European styled bead-slider to use in their own jewelry creations. You can also easily slip it onto a neck chain to wear by itself. Lovely!

Rose Quartz Stones

(c) 13 Moons

Tumbled rose quartz stones. Loose gemstones are easily distributed whenever or wherever they are needed. You can slip them in your pocket or purse to carry with you anytime anywhere.

More Gemstone Jewelry

Shop for more gemstone jewelry made with hematite, turquoise, rose quartz, amethyst, fluorite, jade, kyanite, lapis, citrine, and more.

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