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Crystal Healing Properties

Healing Specialists


Are you wanting an energy boost, need an assist in grounding, or looking for a manifesting tool? Here is help in choosing the right healing crystal for your purpose. Below are common healing properties found in crystals. No gemstone has a singular purpose, multiple healing qualities are housed within a single stone. However, some stones have earned a reputation to be especially helpful in certain areas. You could consider these stones healing specialists!

Grounding Crystals

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Everyone needs solid ground to stand upon. Grounding stones help the lofty individual keep from floating away into the ethers and becoming forgetful or getting lost. A powerful grounding stone can help root you to one place and yet at the same time bring your awareness to a heightened level. Don't worry, a grounding stone won't weigh you down, it is meant to stabilize your energy.

Grounding Stones: Bloodstone | Coral | Petrified Wood | Pietersite

Chakra Balancing Crystals

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All healing crystals carry balancing energies. The trick in knowing what type of stone you need is to determine where your imbalances are. Getting your chakras evaluated is a good place to begin. Some crystals help align all the primary chakras, whereas others focus on a specific chakra (heart chakra, throat chakra, etc.)

Chakra Balancing Stones: Fulgurite | Jade | Kyanite | Serpentine | Tourmaline

Energizing Crystals

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We can all use an energy boost from time to time. Choosing an energizing stone is a great way to help you get through the tough times. Energizer type healing crystals tend to be very powerful because of their higher vibrations so you may need to use them sparingly. But, they can be miracle workers when you are feeling fatigued or weakened. You could temper them a bit if wrapped in a gold setting. Also, you might want to keep these highly-charged gemstones away from your bedside so you can get a good night's rest.

Energizing Crystals: Opal | Topaz

Love Crystals

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The so-called love stones generally carry warm and soft energies. Odd, how they can just land in your lap right when you need them. They can help you attract love and also assist in learning how to love yourself or become more compassionate with others.

Love Stones: Apatite | Colbaltocalcite | Rose Quartz

Manifesting Crystals

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Crystals that carry manifesting powers are very magickal. They can help you focus on those things you truly want. These healing crystals can also assist you in getting and maintaining a positive mindset.

Manifesting Stones: Citrine |​ Bloodstone

Meditation Crystals

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These are the crystals that can be used in your meditation practice to help you focus and assist you when attempting to connect with the your power source, the angels, the akashic records, or with the extraterrestrials.

Meditation Stones: Alabaster | Amethyst | Geode | Lapis | Iolite

Record Keepers

Stones are ancient and wise. In general, they are excellent memory keepers. Certain stones are better at absorbing and retaining information than others. I have found that red-colored stones are especially good at holding onto information. Melody, author of Love is in the Earth, identifies record keeper crystals as having one or more raised triangles located on the face of the crystal. Keep a memory-keeper stone with you while attending classes if you are student. The stone will not only take notes, but will help you stay grounded and be focused on the lecture being given. Don't forget to carry your memory-keeper in your pocket on exam days.

Record Keepers: Turritella Agate | Carnelian | Ruby | Garnet

Shielding and Protective Crystals

Crystals can be employed as energy shields or work as protective amulets. Actually, shielding stones work best when they are worn or carried on the person. Because of the absorption qualities many of them have it is important to learn how to cleanse your crystals in order to free them from all negative energies they have picked up. Absorption is often how they protect you, they take in and bad vibrations that are lingering about so you don't have to.

Energy Shields: Fluorite | Diamond | Yellow Jasper

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