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Healing from Head to Toe


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Caring for Your Lips, Mouth, and Teeth
Caring for Your Mouth and Teeth

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Caring for Your Lips, Mouth, and Teeth
A smile can heal a hurt in an instant!

Your smile may indicate which dosha (Kapha, Pitta, or Vatha) you lean toward. Ayurvedic Medicine is based on an individual's characteristics and body frame rather than oriented toward treating disease or sickness. Click on the smile below that best describes yours to see which primary dosha is indicated.

Clean Teeth and Mouth

Oralive Dental Regenerative Elixir is made from the earth, oxygen, natural anti-microbiol oils, trace oils from the ocean, and ancient probiotic bacteria.

Natural mouthwash can be made from Yerba Santa leaves and natural woodsy toothbrushes and tooth powder and can be fashioned from oak bark and twigs.

Baltic amber teething necklaces are worn as a natural pain reliever for teething babies.

More help for your lips, mouth, and teeth

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