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Share your ideas, opinions, or advice on a variety of holistic healing topics. Read what others have to share. (a complete list of topic readers can share their vies about can be found at: Reader Speak Out)

Natural Remedies

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Share your ideas, opinions, or advice about using natural remedies for healing and promoting wellness. Read what others are saying about natural remedies that have worked for them, also how they make their own healing concoctions at home.

Personal Empowerment

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How powerful do you feel? Readers tell how they tap into their strengths and empower themselves. Empower yourself and others by haring your own tips and advice for recognizing the power within. you.

Readers Share About Reiki

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Shared ideas, opinions, and advice about Reiki healing. Read what people say about having experienced a Reiki healing session. Reiki students tell about receiving attunements. Others share about participating in Reiki Circles.

Law of Attraction Stories

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Readers share their experiences with applying the Law of Attraction. Read success tips, get vision board ideas, and more.

Healing Pathways

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Shared ideas, opinions, and advice about trying holistic healing therapies, experimenting with various techniques, and exploring different healing pathways.

Color Your World Beautiful

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Readers discuss color and how color affects their emotions in positive and not-so-positive ways.

Healing Crystals and Gemstones

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Share your thoughts and uses for crystal healing. How do they work?, Why do you love them? What are your favorite stones?

Know Your Destiny

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Share your ideas, voice you opinion, tell personal stories, or give advice about exploring your destiny through Tarot, palm reading, tea leaves, and more. Read what others have to share.

Family Dynamics and Relationships

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Nostalgic family stories, relationship advice, and suggestions for creating healthier and better nurtured families.

Mediumship and Channeling

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Readers share stories about communicating with angels, guides, the ascended masters, and other spirit entities.

Reader Stories: Healing Communities and Spiritual Group Gatherings

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