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Sacred Space Gallery

The intention of the gallery is to create a collage of serenity and calm.


The Sacred Space Gallery is a showplace of reader submitted photographs of the places they feel are "sacred spaces." A sacred space can be a closet space in your home, a park bench in your neighborhood, sitting in the shade under the branches of a giant oak, or sitting in a canoe while floating down a stream. You decide what places are sacred to you!

Share a Photo and Tell About Sacred Space in Nature
Share a Photo and Tell About Sacred Space in Your Home
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crystals and gemstones, sacred spacesCrystal Altarmedicine wheels, sacred spacesMedicine Wheel Gardenbuddha sacred space photoZen SpaceBasement Conversion
Medicine WheelMedicine WheelPrayer WallSun StreakHarmony Hill Labyrinth
Freddie Frog's Sacred SpaceSacred Altargarden photoBackyard GardenKivaKiva
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