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Expressing Your Divine Gifts

Using Your Special Gifts for the Highest Good


Angel Advice

Your Angels want you to know that you are in a dance of divine timing with the expression of your gifts. The more you practice expressing them, the faster you will learn the dance and move up to higher levels. They would like you to make a list of your Soul's gifts. These are the qualities you see as your best points, the abilities that come naturally to and that bring you joy. Contemplate this list, let your intuition guide you as to which to focus on right now and which to work with later. Approach this as you would tend a garden. Some plants are grown and strong, some are seedlings, some are in the middle phase of growth and some are seeds. Get very clear about the right level of attention and kind of care for each of your primary gifts.

Like plants in a garden, some of your gifts compliment each other when grouped together. Get clear about which gifts naturally grow together and support one another. Which gift is like a shade tree? Which is like rosebush? Which is a fruit tree? Which are seasonal like carrots or melons?

Your Angels emphasize this garden metaphor in getting clarity and caring for your gifts. Realize that this is the garden of your life and you get to choose what to plant, tend and care for. They assure you that you will have ample flowers and fruits (and vegetables!) in divine time with the proper care.

You have the resources you need to get back into the garden! Don't delay and also don't push. You wouldn't try to push or pull a seedling to get it to grow faster, right? The sun, rain, wind, moon and stars provide most of what the plants need. Be careful where you invest your energy and attention. Ask your Angels for guidance daily.

Develop your own relationship with your gifts. Learn to bring joy to them and let them bring joy to you! There is deep truth in your soul that sings "From joy I come, for joy I live, to joy I go." As you increase your own joy and love of your gifts, you create a magnetic attraction that helps bring you the resources, opportunities, synchronicties, people and places that will help your gifts to grow.

You've heard the advice, "Don't work harder, work smarter." For you, kick this up a notch in consciousness to "Don't work harder, work more joyfully."

Joy attracts happy and joyful people. Choosing and intending joy, even when it is not strongly present, opens our mind, heart, body and spirit to the possiblty of new joy and creates the opening to experience new joy.

For more information about thiss Angel message please read Introduction to the Nature and Purpose of Angels. This will help you get a more complete sense of how your Angels help you.

This article is an extended answer from Christopher Dilt's Ask An Angel column. The question asked was Will I be able to bring out my gifts, and use them for my highest good?
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